• Counsel, Administrative, Sales, Accounting and Technical:

The ACIGAMES has professionals who are available to listen to your needs and indicate the ways to expedite the work, save time and save in the process, either in accounting, legal, administrative, commercial or toward the Design of Games, the conceptual aspects and practical process.

• Physical space for meetings and meetings of members at the headquarters of the Association:

Place to meetings and events is associated in the ACIGAMES headquarters:
The association offers its members the physical space of the institution, with an entire infrastructure so that you can make and meetings as well as the associated desired, we have internet in the room, desk, table notes, and much more, the affiliate can ask for the room on any given day and time by simply schedule well in advance for your meeting.

• Discounts: Services, Events, Courses and Games:

In addition to the technical information of advice, may indicate ACIGAMES professionals who perform work to address their needs, with more values ​​into account in relation to the market. Events and courses offered by the institution or partner companies of ACIGAMES also have special discounts for members, as well as the games sold by the sponsoring companies.

• Exclusive Access to Database, Research and CENJE:

Members ACIGAMES have first hand access to proprietary research and also market infographics and games development, we hold periodically, as well as international surveys that are sent exclusively by membership organizations of various countries. We also CENJE (Registrar of Companies National Electronic Games) which is a program that seeks and supply professionals in the member's area of ​​interest, both in trade and in the development of games.

• Joint Actions with Academic Centers, Associations and Commercial Market:

The ACIGAMES maintains contact with other associations, school systems, academic centers and commercial institutions to offer various opportunities to members. Partners are currently in Brazil ACIGAMES: Sebrae, Embrace, Fecomércio Abragames, Staff Welfare, Cultural Connection, Games for Education, Games for Change Latin America and among other international: Tiga (England), U-Tad (Spain), AIOMI (Italy), Kotra (Korea), Invest in France (France), ADVA (Argentina) among several others.

• Exclusive access our Networking affiliated companies.

The ACIGAMES maintains a list of members constantly networking, it you can exchange information with other members and learn more about market opportunities and also information about new proposals for labor and services, today this proves one of the best ways of doing business ACIGAMES inside.

• Invitations to exclusive events, forums and debates for members:

Periodically performs ACIGAMES forums, debates and meetings and is also invited to participate in several events in Brazil and abroad, these events and debates affiliates are usually invited by the association if they want to participate in fairs do partnership between companies and stands for terms all members can enjoy the event fully funded by the institution