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    AciGames International

    ACIGAMES has two international branches, one in the United States and one in Italy and it will bring opportunities between countries for the games area.

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    AciGames Miami

    On the 14th of August will be inaugurated ACIGAMES office in Miami, USA, the first outside of Brazil, with the presence of Moacyr Alves Junior, president of ACIGAMES.

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1667 Royal Grove Way
Weston - FL
Phone: (786) 284-9000

About Us

ACIGAMES is an association created in order to represent and regulate the industry and trade of electronic games and encourage culturally area of games in Brazil.


1 - Development discussion about the role of games in society, as a means of encouraging the culture, aid to education and its role in economic development of the country;

2 - Encouraging access to technology for all people;

3 - Encourage the improvement of technical and vocational associates, with respect to the development, production, dubbing, distribution, sales and other activities related to the economic process of production, distribution and sale of games;

4 - Encourage the improvement and enforcement that equips the achievement of present goals and encourage partnerships between business, governments and civil society;

5 - To promote local dialogue and solidarity between different social groups, participating together with other institutions of civil activities that have interests in common;

6 - Encourage and work in research on the use of digital games;

7 - Make use of this research to promote the use of games in various areas of society, able to promote the use of games and entertainment of any shape; 8 - Search greater identification between the users through the approximation of languages ​​among manufacturers, traders and developers;

9 - Defend the freedom of the press, of thought and of intellectual and artistic creation, seeking to assist justice agencies and civil society to classify and identify which type of game is most appropriate for each age group and their audiences, allowing the company has decided what kind of game you wish to purchase and consume, disavowing censorship of creation and creative limitation of its members and civil society.


ACIGAMES was created in September 2010 based on the Project “Jogo Justo” (in english Fair Game), which aims to reduce the brazilian high tax load for video games. ACIGAME assumed the mission on representing and regulating the brazilian game industry and trading, as well as, encourage cultural game area on the entire country.

Before ACIGAMES foundation, there was a huge representative gap on brazilian gaming market, such, through the common game passion, a competent staff was gathered in order to contribute for the ascension and acceptance from brazilian industry.

Fair Play

(exclusively in portuguese).
President: Moacyr Avelino Alves Junior – Administrador de Empresas e Bacharelato em Contabilidade.
Vice President: Jorge Proença – Proprietário da Singol Games Educacionais
First Secretary: Antonio Marcelo – CEO from the game developer Riachuelo Games.
Adviser: Francisco Tupy – Games for Change
Adviser: Sandro Manfredini – Developer Aquiris.
Technical Advisor: José Antonio Leal de Farias – Bacharel em Ciência da Computação pela UFCG, Diretor da Stairs Game Studio e Coordenador do Curso Superior de Jogos Digitais da Facisa.
Academic Advisor: Alvaro Gabriele – Professor in the course of Digital Games in Fatec Carapicuiba.
Legal Advisor: Marcos Chien – Tax Lawyer graduated from Faculdade de Direito do Largo São Francisco (USP) specializing in Civil Law, Tax and Customs.
Disclosure Advisor: David de Oliveira Lemes – Professor in the Department of Computing from PUC-SP in the course of Digital Games. Editor from GameReporter and GameOZ.

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Rua Irmã Carolina, nº 66 A, sala 6 – Bairro de Belém, CEP 03058-040
São Paulo – SP – Edificio Torres Del Paine.
Phone: 11 – 3222-0125

Programs and Actions


The Acigames periodically hold various cultural activities with professional market gaming activities and project support Fair Play. In this space, you can inform future programming and keep in touch with new projects of the association.

For more information, please also Acigames twitter or click the link "contact" in the footer of the site. Join the shares of Acigames and help fight for fairer taxes for games and electronic media.

We count on you!

Debate SB Games 2013 – O mercado de games no Brasil
16 de Outubro
Onde? Universidade Mackenzie – Rua da Consolação, 930 – Consolação – São Paulo – SP
Site Oficial: http://www.sbgames.org/sbgames2013

1° Fórum Internacional do desenvolvimento de games no Brasil/Gamelab Brasil
22 a 24 de Outubro
Onde? Federação do Comércio de São Paulo – Fecomércio – Rua Doutor Plínio Barreto, 285
Site Oficial: Não Divulgado


Curadoria – DWB (Digital World Brasil) 2013
23 a 25 de Setembro
Onde? Fabrica de Negócios – Av. Monsenhor Tabosa, 740 – Praia de Iracema – Fortaleza
Site Oficial: http://www.dwb.org.br


Abertura filial ACIGAMES em Miami – EUA
14 de Agosto
Onde? Não divulgado
Site Oficial: Não divulgado


Thank you!

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